Teacher Bio: Kate Alexandra

Kate is a dedicated and curious student of the yogic path. She was introduced to yoga as a child and has continued to practice and study throughout her adult life.  Kate is a Level 1 Registered Yoga Australia teacher having completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Sukha Mukha Yoga and 150 hours of Yoga Therapy Foundations with Adore Yoga and Yoga Psychology with The Yoga Institute.

Kate believes in the transformative power of embodiment practices for healing and storytelling. You'll find Kate teaching hatha yoga classes in Waverton; facilitating women's circles and retreats; and creating mindful living content for her website. Her work is motivated by a deep desire to live in a more equitable and joyful world: a world created by the seeds we plant within.

Having trained in theatre and movement studies, Kate brings two decades of body based inquiry to her yoga teaching praxis. Kate’s gift as a teacher is in creating for space for wholehearted learning through embodiment; encouraging students to explore and apply yoga teachings to the wisdom of their own body.  She is the mother of two young children and a passionate advocate for women’s health and empowerment through the practices of self care, self study and conscious activism.


The longer story...

Hi I’m Kate,

I'm a connector; community builder and I make things happen!

Spirited, creative and multi-passionate I wear many hats.

And, at the heart of it, I'm all about supporting people to reconnect- with themselves and nature. When our inner world is harmonious we are in the best position to share our genius with the world and make a positive impact!

Over the years I've explored the art of connection through theatre and yoga. I've created performance art; a drag show in San Francisco, community theatre in Washington DC and large scale outdoor theatre projects from Kogarah, Sydney to Halle, Germany. I've spruced my family's wine from east to west coast USA for 3 years, a traveling Aussie Vino roadshow of sorts, which delighted my passion for travel and meeting new people.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to yoga as a child, but became truly passionate in my early 20s. I love how yoga makes me feel, in my body and mind-- connected and calm, alert and peaceful. I noticed I would leave class more relaxed than I had ever been and as someone who was prone to anxiety, I realised THIS is how I wanted to live!!

Tertiary education is in performing arts and over the years I have specialized in creating works with marginalized communities, using theatre and live art to tell stories that matter and create positive social impact. I find the process of leading a theatre workshop and teaching a yoga class remarkably similar as both involve guiding people through a personal physical experience, which can result in great transformation, profound self-knowledge and a deeper connection with ourselves and our communities.

Yoga Teacher Training. Over the past ten years I have attended classes in Australia, Bali and the USA working with Internationally acclaimed teachers Jasmine Tarkeshi, Pedro Franco, Les Leventhal and Dr Richard Miller. I am a 350hour qualified Yoga Teacher, Registered with Yoga Australia. I completed my 200 hour teacher training in Australia with Idit Hefer Tamir (Sukha Mukha Yoga in Bronte) and 150hours of Yoga Therapy so far with Nikola Ellis and Joan Miller (Adore Yoga, Sydney). I've studied with my first teacher, Katie Manitsas, to depend in to prenatal yoga, yoga philosophy and mentoring. In 2018 I completed a 50hour training in Yoga Psychology with Dr Michael De Manincor and Janet Lowndes. I continue to study every chance I get and I love nothing more than sharing my latest learnings with those who attend my classes.

"Kate is an excellent yoga teacher who accommodates individual needs and has a great sense of humour about it, like when my body won't bend as much as required. She has great technical expertise as well as theoretical knowledge about the yoga." - Dale Lowe

"Kate's always learning and growing and bringing her learnings with her to her sessions. I like that she shares aspects of her journey with us." - Tim Longhurst

Over the years my love of yoga philosophy has grown and I have been inspired to further explore how the practice of yoga can impact life off the mat to make sustainable positive social change. I participated in Australia's first Yoga In Action training, a program of Off the Mat into the World, and I teach a monthly Pratice for Freedom with Be Free Yoga, Fundraising to End Slavery and Human Trafficking via Project Futures.

What you can expect attending classes with Waverton Yoga


Small group classes are a place for you to observe yourself, your body, in stillness and in motion. Through this process we can discover the wisdom of the body, unlocking muscular and energetic tension and restoring a state of balance. It's a place to flow, to breathe, to find stillness and dive in to the present moment; a place to move from one point to another, a place to change, to transform, to let go of old habits or parts of yourself that no longer serve you.

As a teacher, I like to offer variety. You are different every day, so why would I ever teach the same class twice? Since the classes are small, I'm able to address your needs and am always happy to take suggestions for what you'd like to work on. Those who are recovering from injury, living with chronic illness or mental health issues will be welcomed into a safe space the is designed to support your needs. As a yoga therapist in training, I look for ways to personalise a group practice for you and we can get even more specific if you'd like to book a one on one session, or even better a series of one on one sessions to help you develop a personalised therapeutic daily practice, because there is a BIG difference between yoga as exercise and yoga for healing.

Group classes are generally themed on a topic from yoga philosophy to give a guiding intention for session. We explore theses themes in relation to life both on and off the mat. Finally, I love music, so creating playlists is a secret passion of mine. If you'd like to check out my public playlists, you can follow me on Spotify, I'm Kate Alexandra.

Here's what two students had to say when asked What do you love most about the classes?

"The small and intimate size. I felt so connected to everyone in the room, and it didn't feel like a factory yoga class. It felt special. Like I was giving myself a beautiful gift." - Rachel Gross

"Getting in my yoga zone, catching up with friends, listening to your yogi anecdotes and words of wisdom, soaking up the care and love you give to your students" - Catherine Stafford

On the mat we will practice traditional hatha yoga, the original yoga to balance body, mind and breath. By connecting breath with movement we slow the chatter of the mind and immerse ourselves in the act of being. At the beginning of each class we will take a moment to arrive and set an intention (or goal) which is the 'spiritual' or personal development part of yoga and what really differentiates it from being an exercise class. As we move through postures, I may offer hands on adjustments (which are optional) to support you in safe alignment. We will seal the practice with mindfulness mediation, guided breathing and/or relaxation, leaving you feeling connected, balanced and free!

When Kate says "arrive into your mat" it is an invitation to a fabulous yoga world, all the worries stay behind the door and we begin the journey." Beata Glogowska

"I suffer from chronically tight muscles and have noticed a definite increase in strength and flexibility. At times the practice is intensely physical and concentrating brings calmness to my mind.I am still working on disengaging my thoughts and "the breath" Christine Hall

Off the mat, yoga walks with us through life, providing guidance for dealing with difficult situations and stimulating us to move closer to our essential self. My blog shares thoughts on living yoga in daily life and ideas for preparing and eating nourishing food that honours the earth and our bodies. 

Wherever you are on your yoga journey, brand new, decades in to your practice, returning after injury or childbirth, I look forward to holding the space for you and guiding you in a yoga practice that allows you the freedom to be yourself, to heal yourself and to be fiercely present and receptive to the wisdom of the body.


See you on the mat!

Kate Alexandra

Yoga Teacher