A mindful, do-able Yoga practice

Hatha Yoga is the original yoga. It balances body, mind and breath. Classes are gentle to moderate and small in size so that personalised instruction and support can be given. Yoga teachings / philosophy form the foundation of the class, creating an uplifting mood (bhav). You will work on balance and focus, calming the mind while strengthening and stretching the body.

Classes are 60 minutes in length. Monday 6:30pm at Waverton Hall. Thursday 6.45am at Kate's Home Studio, Tunks St Waverton. Saturday 9am class is in Vinyasa Style (which moves a bit faster and is a stronger practice) Cost: $25 / $200 for a 10 week term (runs to NSW school term)

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A project to empower you to listen deeply to your unique self care needs and craft a life that serves you to be well and happy so you can serve others and make a difference in the world. Use journalling, meditation and daily prompts to craft your own unique self-care practice.

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A monthly yoga practice for the feminine spirit.

Part women's circle, part feminine yoga class this is a nurturing yoga practice for women of all ages and experience. We'll begin by lighting a candle each and setting intentions. We'll greet ourselves and our feminine power with practices from Uma Dinsmore-Tulli's Womb Yoga, and practice cultivating deep attention with mindful movement and breathing practices. And to finish it all off-- yoga nidra, the ultimate guided relaxation! Each session includes LIVE music by accomplished musician Rosie Rayah. Rosie sings, plays guitar, sitar and chakra chimes.

Waverton Hall - 75 Bay Rd Waverton

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