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A monthly yoga practice for the feminine spirit.

Part women's circle, part feminine yoga class this is a nurturing yoga practice for women of all ages and experience. We'll begin by lighting a candle each and setting intentions. We'll greet ourselves and our feminine power with practices from Uma Dinsmore-Tulli's Womb Yoga, and practice cultivating deep attention with mindful movement and breathing practices. And to finish it all off-- yoga nidra, the ultimate guided relaxation! Each session includes LIVE music by accomplished musician Rosie Henshaw. Rosie sings, plays guitar, sitar and chakra chimes.

Women's Yoga Circle Dates:

March 10th, 7:30-9:30pmat Everyday Sadhana in Redfern

April 22nd, 1-3pm at Waverton Uniting Church Hall - 75 Bay Rd Waverton

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Profound relaxation for busy people.

Restorative yoga is deeply relaxing, making it excellent for people who lead full and busy lives. It's especially helpful for those suffering from anxiety, stress and insomnia as it winds back the 'fight-flight' response of an over stimulated nervous system and activates the parasympathetic response, resulting in a calmer more relaxed state of being. Restorative yoga is practiced with the support of props, such as bolsters and blankets so the body can find a comfortable place to rest deeply and let go of tension. The supported poses are held for around 10 minutes each to allow the body time to unwind. 

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Energising yoga to start the day.

Yoga energizes the body and calms the mind. Morning is an excellent time to practice! You will get your body moving and shake off the sleepy dust; stimulate circulation, oxygenate your blood and boost your mood. Set the foundation for a focused yet relaxed day. Join these small group, community classes with a mindful, caring teacher: Monday 6:30pm, Thursday 6.45am and Saturday 9am. All classes are 1 hour.

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A project to empower you to listen deeply to you unique self care needs and craft a life that serves you to be well and happy so you can serve others and make a difference in the world. 

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A series of online yoga practices for women in their birthing years. But really a sanctuary for you to practice self-care, fill your cup and evolve your soul. Choose from a library of recordings to restore a sense of calm; boost your energy and nourish your well-being.

As a mum, I believe all acts of authentic self-care are radical. When you're a nurturer, your instincts are wired to care for your young ones, so I encourage you to take some time out for YOU, not just for hair cuts and long baths but carve out that space to feel yourself again... reconnect, move, breathe, grow and spread your wings so you can be the mother, the woman you were born to be!

Online videos and meditations for pregnancy, postpartum and evolving motherhood.

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